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SuperDuo Bezel Pendant Kit

$ 28.00

Learn to bezel a rivoli crystal using SuperDuo beads. This kit is full of photographs, making it easy to understand the steps. The kit comes complete with all the beads, SuperDuos, and a 18mm Swarovski® rivoli required to assemble one pendant. Bead counts are also provided for a 14mm Swarovski® crystal rivoli (earring size) & 27mm Swarovski® crystal rivoli (large pendant size).

***PLEASE  NOTE: The "Team Colors" Pendants and the "Red, White & Blue" Pendant show a reflection of the color pattern of SuperDuos® on the Silver Foil Rivoli. The rivoli is NOT colored.***

PLEASE NOTE: Color on beads may not be permanent. We recommend that you coat your finished pieces with clear lacquer to prevent finish from wearing off.

Finished Pendant size per instructions: 18mm Rivoli is 1 1/4" diameter. Height including bail 1 3/4". (For alternate bead counts: 14mm rivoli is 1" diameter and 1 1/4" high including bail. 27mm rivoli is 1 1/2" diameter and 2 1/4" high including bail.)

**We recommend that you apply a clear coating of finger nail polish or finish seal lacquer to the FOIL BACKING of the rivoli to protect it against scratches and wear. Any coating applied to the front of the crystal could effect the color and brilliancy of the crystal.**

*Beading needle and thread required. We recommend FireLine® 6 or 8 pound.

Designed by: Susan Peterson