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"Beads are infinite and so is the beauty you can create with them."

Nikki believes that your imagination is able to run wild with bead embroidery. The sky is the limit. There are no rules just ideas, think out of the box!

Contestant in 2016 Battle of the BeadSmith ®Battle of the BeadSmith 16 Logo

What is "Battle of the BeadSmith®?"

Since 2012, BeadSmith® has invited hundreds of artists to participate in a single elimination beading "tournament" widely known as the Battle Of The BeadSmith®, or the B.O.T.B.® Artists have approximately Eight weeks to design, create, photograph, and present an original piece off wearable beadwork , which is randomly paired against designs of talented peers in "battle"...........

There is no prize for winning the Battle Of The BeadSmith®, participating artists are creating simply because it's what they love to do.

Finished 4th place in 2015 Battle of the BeadSmith®. 

Siren's Song 9Siren's Song 11Siren's Song 12Siren's Song 16Siren's Song 17Siren's Song 13

Finished 8th place in 2014 Battle of the BeadSmith®. 

Serengeti Sunset 3Serengeti Sunset 1

Serengeti sunset 4Serengeti Sunset 2Serengeti Sunset 6