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Precious Metal Clay® (PMC)® 

Learn to use metal clay that is 99.9% pure silver. Metal clay is an exciting way to create your very own jewelry as a work of art. You can mold, stamp, and shape this material into any design you like. We will teach you basic jewelry in our class. Pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. 

PMC Basic Class Main

Materials Purchased Separately (PMC® Clay Fine Silver: $55/Pack) 

Class Fee: $50.00   Pre-Registration Required. 


Kuchi Koil 

Learn to make this wonderful bead in this fun 2-hour class. Wrap wire around wire to make the Kuchi Koil, a unique focal bead that can be used in all kinds of jewelry and beading designs. Basic wire wrap experience required. 

Kuchi Koil Bracelet

Materials Included: 18, 20, 24 gauge copper practice wire 

Class Fee: $35.00


Wire Knot Bracelet 

Learn to create this knot that can be used as a focal point for any piece of jewelry. It can be linked together to create necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Basic wire wrap experience required. 

 Wire Knot Bracelet

Materials Included: 18 gauge copper practice wire. 

Class Fee: $35.00


Popular Stone Bangle 


Learn to make these very popular bangles featuring three stones or crystals and gauge wire in this fun class. This is a trendy and fashion forward accessory that looks best when several are stacked on your wrist.

Three Stone Bangle


Class Fee: $32    Includes Materials


Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet

Learn how to make these stylish and trendy wrap bracelets.

Materials Needed: leather cord, Nymo or Fireline®, beads for bracelet length, bead or button for clasp and needles.

Class Fee $35.00


Wire Crochet Necklace

Learn to make this stunning show piece, using a basic crochet technique.

Materials needed: 26g craft wire and beads of your choice, size H crochet, needle cones and a clasp.

Class Fee: $35.00


Viking Knit

Basic wire wrap experience required. Learn how to create the Viking Knit weave on a dowel and about changing the wire gauge, doing single or double weave and changing the number of loops to increase or decrease the diameter of your finished chain.

Required Tool Kit: $16.00 (includes dowel, drawplate and spool of 24g craft wire)

Materials Needed: 2 cones or end caps, 2 crimp beads and clasp

Class Fee: $50.00 for private instruction, $35.00 for 3 or more students 


Wire Heart Pendant

Basic wire wrap experience required. Learn to make these heart shaped pendants in 3 sizes that can be used as a necklace focal or earring components.

Materials included: 18, 20, 22, 24 gauge copper practice wire. (Silver Filled wire available at additional cost.)

Class Fee: $35.00


Netted Seed Bead Toggles

Enhance the design of your jewelry by learning to make beautiful netted beaded toggles.  

Netted Toggles

Required Materials: beading needle, FireLine®, seed beads and beads of choice. 

Class Fee: $35